Hayden Smith’s Modified – Body Panels

Project Part 5

On this particular car, the body panels are actually the easiest part. I added hems to make the edges smooth and some simple bends to add character to the body.

I started by hanging the rear quarter and door panels on the car and marking the back side, using the tire as a guide, to cut out the wheel-well area. I hem the edges so they are not sharp and won’t cut the tire. I also laid out the rough placement of the holes that the nerf bars will pass through. I won’t cut the holes in the door until after all the bends are made and I can fit it to the frame.

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Hayden Smith’s Modified – Roof Supports

Project Part 4

Next step, Roof Supports

Using the old parts for a basic template I laid out the new rear panels.

The lower edge of the roof support for the driver side will attached to the outer edge of the body framework using 1/8th rivets, they will be attached independently of the fender so if the fender needs to be removed during a race the roof support will remain in place.
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Hayden Smith’s Modified – Interior and Dash

Project Part 3

Wow. It looks like quite a maze of bars!

This is the driver’s cockpit seen from the passenger (stock cars don’t carry passengers!) side of the car. Hayden asked that the new interior sheet metal be installed at an angle, so that the outer edge sits on the new bar (the bare metal one) and slopes down to the tunnel which is already in place. The tunnel and firewalls are made from steel to protect the driver from flying parts and other bad stuff.

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Hayden Smith’s Modified Stock Car – A New Project

Project Part 1

Time for a new body and sheet metal for this modified that Hayden Smith ran last year in the Lucas Oil series. A few photos of the car as it arrived in my shop, stripped down to basically a rolling chassis.

The plan is to replace all the aluminum sheet metal and make new door and rear fender panels. I made a rear fender for Hayden at the end of last year and he liked my work.

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